Gamedaily: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

Gamedaily writes: "On its way to the World Tour Activision and Neversoft took a shortcut through Boston with Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. In addition to enjoying 25 of the band's songs, the game also includes tracks by Lenny Kravitz, Ted Nugent and the Clash. It's quality Guitar Hero, though the lack of downloadable content, as well as glaring omissions in its soundtrack, keep it from greatness.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith's Career Mode chronicles the band's rise to superstardom, with its members fondly recalling their gigs via video footage. From its first performance at Nipmuc High School to its appearance at the Super Bowl, vocalist Steven Tyler, guitarist Joe Perry and the rest of the crew share their tales; they're short, but extensive versions are available in the game's Vault. You then proceed to the stage with your amateur band, warming up the crowd before Aerosmith takes over each gig."

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