Too Many Downloading Firmware 2.40, Server Extremely Backed Up.

Many users are reporting connection problems to to the PlayStation Network. We will keep you updated on the server status.

Update #1: Appears to be allowing users to download the update, though some users are still having trouble logging in.

Update #2: Recieving error everytime during downloading.

Update #3: Unable to login at all now.

For Continues Update Go To Source.


The PlayStation firmware has now been taken off the server. Sony has no stated anything as of now.

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Bladestar3736d ago

how can this be? I though PSN never crash...

juuken3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Why am I not surprised this came from a site who's *actually* posting flamebait against the PS3?

3736d ago
cglz63736d ago

juuken how about u name one time has bashed the PS3.

juuken3736d ago

xmb sounds like a Sony bashing site. This article sounds like flamebait already. How do you explain that? must be the one who submitted this story. Funny how these stories show up just when XMB is available for download.

gambare3736d ago

and at difference of the PSN YOU PAY FOR IT

Yoma3736d ago

I don't think you should talk about this since your laggbox lagg started to flip out for one week. This is just some teomporary issue since it's many who downloading. And you had to much players online.


NOTE: Go to EU and login if you have problem with the US.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3736d ago

I see the RATS(xBots)have surfaced from the Sewers!!! ;-D
This has really got to them!!!

I got up, Downloaded it, 7 MINUTES it was done!!! ;-P
No problem as usual;)
Had a mess around with's looking good!!! ;-P
(couldn't find the Cheese option??? i wanted to see the Cheese come out of the slot, so i would get a slice of bread and go round a friends house and put the Cheese on the bread and then put the bread on his xBox 360 to Toast it!!!) ;-D
(It always comes out BURNT tho!!!) ;-D

Homicide3736d ago

It's bladestar, a microsoft leg humper.

Pain3736d ago

get a lot of Gaming on Live oh yea was down for what?......... weeks?..................lolkid

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Breakfast3736d ago

I thought PSN never crashed?

Looks i have to WAIT to download this...

Jon86023736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

no reason for waiting. it took me only a couple of minutes to download everything and can still be able to go on the psn.

Hagaf223736d ago

wait until the rest of America wakes up to see its available. talk about backed up, right now its just the hardcore crowd....
could the sshd update take any longer?!?!?

meepmoopmeep3736d ago

they don't say "Wait B3yond" for nothing, y'know!


Yoma3736d ago

He said I ?

If it's more, where do they live?

I have not have any problem at all since 1 hour back

gambare3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

every system crashes if MILLIONS try to connect and download at once. But at least I didn't had any problem, maybe that's a problem in certain areas with high nocturnal traffic

SCThor3736d ago

Now downloading Super Stardust HD patch....trophies here I go!!!

yamamoto1143736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Woohoo, I got mine. It's... underwhelming. Still no invite to voice-chat while in-game? I mean, c'mon.

coasterfreak10293736d ago

Thank God I got it before the severs backed up. So far, Pixeljunk Monsters is working great! Although with no music support.

RecSpec3736d ago

Just got my first trophies, fun stuff.

MikeGdaGod3736d ago

this is bs, it took no time to dl 2.4

4.0 for SuperStarDustHD is another story.........

robep33736d ago

HI started downloading at 7.45am (uk) installed by 8.00am and thats
on a wireless connection quickest update for me so far.
Everything looks good!

Silver3603736d ago

less than 8 min download and install

thereapersson3736d ago

I think if MS were doing the same thing that Sony is doing in terms of anticipated system updates, and the exact same number of people tried to d/l it from MS' servers, I think they'd have a hard time balancing the load as well.

iHEARTboobs3736d ago

the site directly to a USB. It's a lot faster that way.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3736d ago

How did the PlayStation Network crash when I'm on it now?

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rakgi3736d ago

none of my friends have errors and i don't have errors.....hope this isn't true but if it is should be resolved soon

rogimusprime3736d ago

I downloaded this after I read the hour after it posted.

the entire process took less than 10 minutes.

Check your connection or stop lying. No, sony isn't above criticism. Lord knows I want to skewer whoever is keeping the good PSone classics Japan only, but the update is working fine now.

But I do have to say, it's all a little anti-climactic. I guess its cool that I can do everything live can do, and the interface works well, but its not going to change anything for me dramatically.

But hopefully it will stop fanboys from whining...

Maybe that's just wishful thinking.

SlyGuy3736d ago

It would error out during the actual download. I got stuck at 5%, 7%, 25%, and a few other points.

After about 6-7 times restarting, it finally downloaded the entire thing.

(I rly just came online to play Warhawk and had no idea 2.4 would be released today! lol)

rakgi3736d ago

yea i think its bull since I've been playing loads online without any hiccups maybe the people have internet issues....yea yea yea before anyone says just cause i don't have blah blah but if everyone on my list also has no problem then i find it weird out of them all at least 1 should have an error but nope nothing everything is fine

shelbygt333736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Well for me I downloaded the entire thing, was told to hit the PS button, scrolled through some screens and finally hit "X" to install, and now it's at the cross media bar screen, no icons, just the wavy lines, and I can't do anything. Been this way for about 5 minutes straight.

FARK - looks like other people on the PS boards are having my exact same issue. PS3 is dead... booo.... DANGIT

shelbygt333736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Someone is disagreeing with the fact that this firmware update bricked my ps3, although the Sony Support dude agreed with me and said they didn't have troubleshooting steps for it, and I'd have to send it in for repair?

I disagree with that too, but it's still the truth.

And no, I'm not alone.

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cglz63736d ago

I know a couple people are having problems logging in.

jamenees3736d ago

but stardust 4.00 is taking foreva!!!

kingOVsticks3736d ago

its taking longer then then the update lol

XBOX 3603736d ago

I just got my second trophy in SSDHD :D