The New Metal Gear Online and What I Miss About Subsistence

Ripten's Geoff Haugan writes:

"As I began to play the new Metal Gear Online the other day, I found myself frustrated. I began to write down some things that have changed since Subsistence and that are bugging me. As I played more I found myself adapting and finding options to better handle the frustrating situations, but there are a few things that I think bear discussion."

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skullmcrex3815d ago

It is a difficult and at times a random game. But i feel once you have a high cqc, sniper lvl ( Non rifle ) You feel different from the masses and the game feels very rewarding. I however think the rifle system is rather stupid and unfair.

PureGamer3815d ago

knife and cqc and im away.

Dacapn3815d ago

That guy just complained about what he sucks at in the game.

BattleAxe3815d ago

Anyone who needs to use the lock-on system sucks. Personally I think it should have never been included in the game.

Tyetan3815d ago

Yeah this guy is just angry because his lack of skill is getting him pwned.

Tempist3815d ago

I found a lot of his complaints to be mostly trivial and baseless in the end. Often people don't realize that the guns have a distance / damage ratio.

Lock-on actually is a skill which when upgraded allows for longer lock-on and better accuracy.

Yeah the sniper rifles do seem way too powerful, but sniper on sniper battles get to be intense. As well many of the levels have obstructions that don't allow for awesome sniping. So yeah in some areas it can be great while in others it's less advantageous to use it. More so using OTS, the SDV has big time recoil, the DSR-1 has a long reload time and the M14 is a poor sniper rifle and even a mid battle rifle. Its very much spray and pray.

SOP (when everyone is using it) corrects stupid mistakes like shooting your team mates (lines of fire are displayed) and as well, where they are.

MGO is a game where you really need to play for more than 3 hours to get the feel for. It's not a pick up and go game.

iceman28853815d ago

Has nothing really to do with the game, more with the people playing so far. I don't have a lot of PSN friends and none of my friends have really gotten into MGO so I usually just join random games that have a decent amount of people in them.

I often find that a majority of the games I play in either:
(a) half the people leave after like 5-10 minutes and it really ticks me off or
(b) people are playing MGO like any other shooter and don't play as a team which is pretty essential when it comes to MGO. I don't know how many times I'm yelling in my mic when playing bases for someone to come with me to base X and my team responds by running in random directions and trying to rack up kills instead of trying to complete the mission. Or when playing capture I'm the only one trying to capture while the rest of my team runs around like chickens with their heads cut off just trying to get points from kills. I mean, this problem isn't restricted to just MGO (see COD4) it's just I find it more often on MGO so far.

thor3815d ago

Play rescue mission (no respawning) - then people will be more careful and actually work as a team :)

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