ScummVM v0.9.1 PS3 Emulation Binary

Now that your PS3 is well-acquainted with its resident Linux system (you've already installed it, right?), you're bound to hit gold sooner or later. Besides, if it can support Linux, then it can support pretty much anything that The Penguin can handle. Let's have a test run, shall we? Guess what we found over the net:

SCUMMVM v0.9.1 PS3 Binary is basically the emulation code you'd need to use on the Linux in your PS3. ScummVM is an implementation of the SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) engine used in various Lucas Arts games such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.... Also ScummVM is capable of playing several non-SCUMM games."

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UrbanJabroni4400d ago

Did I miss something? Why is Scumm so special when there are emulators abound on Linux?

By far the coolest feature of the PS3 (for those without a modded xbox)

Brandon4400d ago

the problem is that a lot of emulators like zsnes that is a very fast snes emulator are written entirely or partially in assembler using x86, so ps3 as wii and x360 use a ppc based processor that have no emulation for x86 command, so it's not just easy as recompiling the source for the cell but you have to fix the code to work on cell and use the right compiler's flags to optimize the build :)

UrbanJabroni4400d ago

Can't believe I missed that. For some reason I thought it was running through a JIT compiler like .NET or the new Intel Macs to provide x86 compatibility. Given the newness of the cell, however, that is absurd. In fact, it makes me look at the accomplishment of the Linux build in a whole new light. Thanks.

UrbanJabroni4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

How the hell do any of us write optimized Cell code? I doubt Sony has released an SDK or even the compiler and nVidia doesn't have optimized driver support. Is this currently a reverse-engineering issue where the community basically needs to build a compatible SDK?

MicroGamer4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

The reason they keep updating the PSP firmware is to prevent people from running old games on emulators and to stop freeware development and now they are going to allow it on PS3?? That makes no sense at all. Console makers make money on games, not hardware. Sony is selling PS3 at a huge loss and now they are going to allow people to run free games on it?? They are going to go broke with this strategy. And what about their online strategy?? Why would a developer want to sell their older games through PS3's online store, when all the users are running Linux MAME and downloading the same games for free from a rom site??? And what about Linux developers porting their games to PS3?? As soon as PS3 becomes a platform for freeware games, it's finished. They will sell tons of consoles at a loss, and no games because everyone is playing for free. How long do you think it will be before before someone writes a version of Kazaa or eDonkey for PS3 and people start downloading movies and music over the P2P networks?? There goes all those Blu-Ray movie sales Sony was depending on. Linux will inflict a fatal wound on the PS3.

Brandon4400d ago

they update PSP firmware because they don't want you to play pirated games not homebrew, with linux you can do homebrew but not play ps3 games from the hd because the linux kernel can't access the gpu directly, that's why there is just framebuffer support and not full 3d acceleration.
now sony is loosing money on ps3 but they gain fame and by a year or two they will gain because blu-ray will drop the price very fast and all other parts of ps3 of course. speaking about edonkey probabily at 99% amule should work, it works for mac ppc too so if wxwidget works on ps3 it should works too and anyway it change something to sony if you download music from your ps3 with amule or with your computer with emule?

MicroGamer4400d ago

Just because Sony chose not to make certain functions of the PS3 accessible in the version of Linux they are distributing, isn't going to stop the community from adding that support later. Trust me, there is already someone out there somewhere in the world writing the necessary modules to add full PS3 functionality to Linux.

Brandon4400d ago

i hope so, but the open source version of nvidia drivers for linux just have 2d acceleration, and anyway to run a game from linux you will need a sort of emulator of ps3 software because you can't pass games directly to the ps3 os and force it to run, from linux

anyway piracy it's always good for a lot of company, they gain fame because everyone wants it because it's easy to crack, for example windows 95 wasn't that great os but everyone in the world had a copy of win95 so it became the most famous os in the world just because of piracy :) probabily same things with ps1/2