Namco Bandai Says Soulcalibur IV Install Size "Significantly Overblown"

Namco Bandai's Soulcalibur IV may be known for massive volumes in some aspects of its design, but a rumored 6.5GB hard drive installation for the PlayStation 3 version is not the sort of bloat that sits well with gamers. Add to that an alleged 2GB save file and PS3 owners with a measly 20GB would have had to do some serious housecleaning in between grumbling sessions. The rumors of its disk space requirements have been greatly exaggerated, says the publisher.

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Condoleezza Rice3817d ago

Yep,the install will be less than 5 minutes.

HighDefinition3817d ago

MGS4s and I`m more than happy for them.

Like I stated in comment 2.1.

3817d ago
ElementX3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

What a disturbing trend for the PS3 camp.

Don't even bother with the "you can cheaply upgrade the HDD" because you shouldn't have to. If the PS3 is so future proof, why the installs? Even the 60GB systems will only hold 10 games at this rate.

HighDefinition3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I smoke some herbs and get ready, the MGS4 ones were the BEST easily.

I`m glad i`ve seen them, their more creative than some games.

PirateThom3817d ago

The 360 version also requires a hard drive, thus it requires an install.

A worrying trend that some people with a 360 still can't play the game.

clintos593817d ago

Besides its not a major issue as RROD is. MGS4 used up alot of the 50gb bluray disc and the install was only 8 minutes long. Besides the 2 minute installs during chapters it wasnt that bad at all. It is annoying sometimes but I can live with it, and with in game xmb about to hit, the installs will be nothing major anymore.

SUP3R3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Only holds 10 games??
So why does my entire library of games that require an install currently fit on my 60GB HDD along with movies, music, pictures, PSN titles and 20GB to spare? If anything I can simply delete those bootleg movies for extra gigs.
Way to try making the PS3 look bad yet undeniably failing Element.

meepmoopmeep3817d ago

i'm going to quote you on this once the 720 comes out.

morganfell3817d ago

The PS3 only requires any PS3 owner to give up space whereas the 360 version requires quite a few 360 gamers to give up money. Or does it come bundled with a free 360 HDD. You know, that proprietary HDD. No wait. MS is giving them away free. Element you just shot yopurself down. Having to give up HDD space is better that having to get a HDD.

Score for this one:

PS3 - 1
360 - 0
Element - 0

ElementX3817d ago

Don't hate me. God, all i said was that it's a disturbing trend and it's not so future-proof. I have nothing against PS3 I just don't currently own one. I will hate on the 360 if you want me to.

MS 360 is a POS. I had a video problem with one of my launch systems and I had to send it in for replacement. Sure, it only took a week but that's beside the point. MS charges me $50/year for online when PS3 has it for FREE! I am a fool to spend money for online. What's with the sh!tty D-PAD!?!?! Can't MS get anything right?!? OMG my 360 also sounds like an jet winding up, and what gives with the loading tray? Even the Wii is more advanced with the self DVD sucking-in-mechanism. Another thing that pisses me off about the 360 is that the HDD is so f#*king expensive. I have to sell myself just to upgrade.

Ok, everything I said is true, except the selling myself part, that was for amusement. Truth is, the 360 is a good machine with some stupid problems that should've never made past QA.

PirateThom3817d ago

See, that I can agree with. If Microsoft had more time, the 360 would have been a beast. It's a shame they let chimps do the internal design, because most of the OS, online and dev features are top notch.

But I stand by the fact it's more worrying that some owners still can't play games.

MikeGdaGod3817d ago

thank you, PirateThom. i couldn't have said it better myself.

thank you very much

deeznuts3817d ago

Um, dude, the future proofing of the PS3 is to allow anyone to change their HDDs, duh!

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ParadoxicalAssassin3817d ago

Good to hear!, games only at the MGS4 caliber, can be excused with having large installs. Not too sure if this is really THAT great of a game. We'll see when it out i suppose. Once again Cheers to destructible armor(removable clothes). hehehe

KidMakeshift3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )


It's a fighting game. It shouldn't need to install

Ah, the price to pay for having big boobies in games

dragunrising3817d ago

Shouldn't be a problem for most people. Personally, I don't have a problem with game installs as long as they enhance the game experience. I don't think the install is about Namco Bandai being lazy...the game should be a proper sequel. I think I will be getting the PS3 version. The D-pad is far superior. Otherwise, I would have to shell out for a Hori joystick.