IGN: Unreal Tournament III AU Review

It's clear Epic had two objectives with Unreal Tournament III on 360. Firstly, they wanted to make more cash than a mint does in a month, and secondly, they were out to streamline the UT formula into the premiere online twitch shooter for both seasoned vets and punters alike. In particular, the words "online" and "twitch" deserve special emphasis. "Online" because if you're not online with a full-blown gold account, you'd be better off spending your pre-tax earnings on vintage Saudi porn or cartons of last week's milk than on this. "Twitch", because this plays absolutely nothing like the horde of other online shooters that encourages you to think and strategize, and instead is all about how many bodies you can puncture, slice, melt and explode in the briefest time possible. This isn't war. It's a snuff massacre with alien hardware. Make sure you're down with that.

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The Lazy One3822d ago

Where do I find this vintage saudi porn?

Alexander Roy3822d ago

UT3 is a nice stress reliever. Daily sessions 15 minutes VCTF brought me through my last year of school without going ballistic over the sh'tload of work I had to do.

GiantEnemyCrab3822d ago

The lack of User Mod support killed it's score but nice to see that the graphics got a 10 on the 360 and a 9 on the PS3.

Still not buying.. lol

dwjohnson0112113822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

I miss insane tourney style twitch based fragging gameplay and i want to see the multiplayer preview of gears 2 in all it's glory on my HDTV.

ps3 ut3 is basically a ghost town. i hope live has more player's to play against.

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