IGN: Mario Super Sluggers Hands-On

The first time IGN had a chance to check out Mario Super Sluggers for Nintendo Wii, they were none too impressed. As a sequel to GameCube's 2005 Mario Superstar Baseball – also developed by Namco – IGN knew what to expect from the simple "charge and release" gameplay the Mario Sports franchises have been using for years previously. Unfortunately, the first live demo Nintendo showed off wasn't making too strong of a case for the game, showing off some pretty admirable visuals, but a whole lot of waggle and Wii-mote only control.

Pull back and then forward to pitch or bat, and watch as your team auto-fields and base-runs on the fly, with only a bit of waggle to encourage them to move faster. It was none too impressive.

The game has since released in Japan, along with some new info on the title along the way. Nunchuk and Wii-mote control is supported in the final build, as is the ability to turn the remote on its side and play Sluggers like a classic NES game. In fact, now that IGN have gone hands-on with the other modes and options in the game, they have got more faith in the product than they openly expressed originally.

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