60gb 360 To The Rescue… Of something

In a world where the PS3 has a 80gb hard drive, when you can find them, the 20gb 360 hard drive looks a little inadequate, although ultimately practical for most gamers. Well, here comes a 60gb Xbox 360, which doesn't really help those of us that already have one. Not to knock the PS3, but if you don't have 4 gig installs why would you need such a beast?

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Rob0g0rilla3793d ago

Seriously. There's only one way to get music on the HDD and that's by burning a CD and ripping it to the HDD. I haven't burned a CD since a couple of years ago to the 360 and took a long ass time to do it. If this happens then they should give us more options for getting music, pictures, & videos on the HDD. I don't even think it's possible to copy pictures and videos to the HDD.

Gerard Way3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

i love turtles.

eagle213792d ago

Every track is listed and Artist, etc. from AMG (all music guide!!)...

Doesn't matter when the CD came out or if it's the Super Limited Edition from Japan. The PS3 will list every version of the CD ever made! I love my PS3. :P

Try putting in a 1986 or even 1996 CD in in that information by

I am not adding or taking anything away from what you said. Just getting the awesome PS3 features out there....

player9113792d ago

You can easily stream music via Winamp server (free download) as well as Windows Media Center software. There are lots of ways to go about getting content on the 360.

And another thing, I said this in the other 360 60gb HDD topic... is that I think the only reason why MS is swapping for a bigger drive is primarily have to do with cost. Everyone knows that ancient hardware gets more expensive as it becomes antique. I bet the 20gb drives were a pretty penny compared to the more common 60gb and 80gb drives.

Plus 20gb was pretty small by today's standards.

tordavis3792d ago

Can't you copy from an MP3 player to the 360? I know you can hook an iPod up to it.

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Gerard Way3793d ago

Um...i dont know if your talking about the PS3 or not.
Yes, you can rip CDs---but thats not the only way to get music. You can use any MP3/MP4 player(including IPOD) to rip pics, vids, and music. You can use your 360 to stream ALL your PC's media content to the TV. You can plug digital cameras directly into the 360, or once its on the PC, bring it thru to the 360. just trying to help ya out.

Rob0g0rilla3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"Yes, you can rip CDs---but thats not the only way to get music. You can use any MP3/MP4 player(including IPOD) to rip pics, vids, and music. You can use your 360 to stream ALL your PC's media content to the TV"

I said the ONLY way to get music on your HDD is by burning a CD and ripping it to the Xbox 360. That's a fact. You can't copy songs from your iPod to your 360. As a matter of fact my iPod doesn't even work on my 360 anymore. It use to but not anymore for some odd reason. Where my Xbox 360 is located, the PC to 360 connection is slow because I have a laptop with a not so good connection. I have an elite and I just wish Microsoft would give us a another way to get music on the HDD without Burning CDs and ripping them. We should also be able to copy our videos and pictures to the HDD as well. I don't see what the problem is. So much for taking an advantage of that 120gbs.

I don't know why people are disagreeing with me when it's true. Instead of disagreeing, why not reply & tell me how to get music on the HDD without burning a CD and ripping it to the 360.


Thanks for the help, Gerard Way. I'll try it.

Gerard Way3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

try updating your codecs in Windows Media Player 11 and the upgrade your codec package on your 360. It'll happen the first time your have a proper connection to your pc's media extender. sorry pal, but i have been ripping from the pc and zune(f*ck ipod) for a while---playlist AND singles. but even so, i perfer streaming anyways, stops me from having to fill up space on my HDD so i can fill it with arcade games and demos and game saves.

if that doesnt work, call the tech support and ask to be transferred to Austin, TX---thats HQ for tech support, not Redmond. Ask to speak to Evan, he'll fix you up. He's in the Harte-Hanks building.

PoSTedUP3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

whats up, you guys seem smart... i have a question. say i have a dvd movie, is there any way i can have that movie saved to my HD on my ps3? im jus wondering cause it would be badass to have this movie saved on my ps3 : )

Gerard Way3792d ago

PS3 is linux based, b/c the Cell is an asymetrical processor.
You system could be modded-out to run an open linux platform, allowing you to install certain programs that support linux formats. If you can find one for ripping dvds, install it, and make sure your output folder is linked to the correct media-formatted folder---it should work. In theory. Never seen it done. But I have heard of a FEW people running an Open Linux platform on their PS3's.

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spandexxking3793d ago

my friend is always complaining about the lack of HDD space on his 360. i think increasing the HDD space is a good move

Superfragilistic3792d ago

Yeah this is just a cheap shot at the PS3 installs. The real reason is so MS can push those movie downloads, Xbox Originals and XBLA that much more.

morganfell3792d ago

Who cares about 60GB? My PS3 used to have that and now sports a 320GB drive that was cheaper than the 360's 120Gb model. I have never bothered to rip anything to any of the 360s I have owned. I was shocked to find this past weekend as I was at my neighbors house that I couldn't copy a 120MB gameplay movie to his 360. WTF?

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