Crytek to Leave Germany?

Lawmakers in Germany may inadvertently send Crytek, the developers of Crysis, packing -- if the government bans shooters, that is.

In the wake of recent killing sprees in Germany school, politcians have been looking to ban violent video games. A German TV network, Focus TV, went to Crytek Studios to gage their opinions, and during the interview they asked the CEOs what they would do if Germany did ban violent games. Their response? Cevat Yerli responded that if that happened, Crytek wouldn't stay in Germany. Ouch.

So, any company looking to swoon a game development company of 130 people to your country, maybe its start time to start pinging Crytek.

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forgiveme4395d ago

I agree with the government

calderra4394d ago

Not to be flamebait or anything, but seriously. If any country in the world should know better than to senselessly limit free expression... complete respect for Germany and all, but people there are WAY too up in arms about these issues lately.

MicroGamer4394d ago

because they are so freakin paranoid about the Nazi's taking power again.

PS360PCROCKS4395d ago

GO MICROSOFT! Lol j/k I don't agree with the government, I think it's lame, it's censorship, it's like taking people's rights away from them and last time I checked we had wars because people wanted their freedoms. But I am in America so it doesn't affect me, but if I was in Germany and I was an adult and old enough to play the games, I would be appauled by this, your an adult and therefore you should have your own decision in the matter. But again this is coming from the country who lets people drink at 16, so go figure...

Madmax12819804389d ago

where did u hear that in germany its legal to drink at 16 coz when i lived there it was 18 like anywhere else

shotty4394d ago

I hope EA doesnt buy them :(

Sphinx4394d ago

Yeah, that would suck.

Sphinx4394d ago

illegalize violent videogames, I'm moving to Germany! Why? I'm gonna start a bootlegging service to get GOW (and other violent videogames) to those poor German folks... and, of course, charge a hefty premium :)

THWIP4394d ago

...the birthplace of the most violent military leader in HISTORY. Anyone else feeling the irony here? :o

Seriously though, this is extremism at it's worst, and it's what makes the U.S. (seem like) such a great country (if you can ignore all the bigotry, arrogance, corruption, and economic turmoil).