IGN: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Hands-On

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has long held promises of grand technology that would help bring the Star Wars universe, and indeed the Force, to gamers like they have never seen before. IGN had seen the game a number of times at various presentations, but without having actually played the game themself, IGN was always wondering whether the technology would hold up and offer gamers something more than a tech demo.

After playing through a few levels of The Force Unleashed last week, it appears that LucasArts may indeed deliver on its promise and give gamers a new look at the Force like they have never experienced.

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deeznuts3815d ago

Damn that looks fun. Now which console to own it on, especially if you got all three (I'm just missing the 360 ... for now. Price cut baby!)

Jim Crowslaw3815d ago

I really hope that first trailer wasnt just a mini-button esque type gameplay

supahbad3814d ago

gameplay looks tight! animations are great, i just wasn't very impressed by the graphics but they're pretty good