FIFA 09 to Get Platform-specific Game Features

EA announced today that almost every gaming platform will get tailor-made content depending on the unique characteristics and capabilities of each system.

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Sk8boyP3818d ago

So PS3 gets 1080p 60FPS gameplay, 360 gets a virtual fire extinguisher for when it bursts into flames, and Wii gets Nintencleats.

socomnick3818d ago

Just like 60 fps madden right ? STFU you know the ps3 will get the gimped version like it always does and always will.

Sk8boyP3818d ago

see, it's bots like you that can't get your mind off the past. We all understand that LAST YEARS Madden was 30FPS. But we also know that GT5 runs at NATIVE 1080P 60FPS and Madden 09 runs at 60FPS, we can see that developers are putting more effort into learning the PS3 technology and are dropping technologically revolutionary games such as MGS4, Killzone 2 and LBP.

AGZEN3818d ago

i must certainly say that fifa is taking all the right steps in the right direction

rafaleon3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

GT5:P is running 1280x1080 in races and 1920x1080 in garage/showroom/menu :D

Perverted3817d ago

It's good their given each system what they think the consumers of that system want.....But I want a real football experience for my Wii =/
Instead I get the casual experience.....great....