PlayStation Store Sneak Peek: December 16th 2014

Light week on the PlayStation Store.

PS4 Games
Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
Super Mega Baseball

PS3 Games
Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Super Mega Baseball

Vita Game
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD

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RowSand 841072d ago

how the fuck can we take a sneak peek at the store when half of the world cant log in to PSN network!!?? bushit sony

RowSand 841072d ago

MAN good for you!! i have been without PSN network for week now i tryded evrything, even called sony not much help:/

PeaSFor1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

wut i just logged, no problem.

what a failed shitty troll attempt.

go take a look at and see if you can find peoples complaining of "cant log in to PSN network" other than you, phoney ps4 owner.

Assassingamer1361072d ago

A whole week? Bro I really think you either need to check your ps or ps4 system because that sounds like a hardware problem not wanting to detect any signal. Nobody reported psn not working for a whole week thats just bizarre

RowSand 841072d ago

im pretty sure nothing wrong With my isp!! check out!! im one of them.

RowSand 841072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Some country PART cant log in to psn service, and sony is silence about it, it may be smething to do With the hacking(lizard Squad??) whatever their name is :)

RowSand 841072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

And i have ps3,ps4, and a internet browswer on my pc LOL. its just that i cant log in to PSN even ON

PeaSFor1072d ago

the dude is just a shitty troll who totally failed at trolling us.

better luck next time.

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wastedcells1072d ago

Ya I've been on all week?

SoapShoes1072d ago

GUILTY GEAR!!! Oh and Loadout is going to be pretty good too.

Kniight-07-1072d ago

When i click the link it says website is offline. i want to see what the vita deals are :(

slinky1234561072d ago

I just want Resonance of Fate to come to PSNow!

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