Three New Wopping Pure Gameplay Videos

Theres been new videos Released on
Check out why Pure is the perfect game for arcade trick racing in an exaggerated reality, Get ready to introduce yourself to the sky and Take a ride through this historic countryside.

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PoSTedUP3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

motorstorm really? why even compare? ok ok let me set something straight.

this game looks hot, good graphics etc.

well.. more than half of this game takes place in the AIR and is about TRICKS and STUNTS.

motorstorm is about that real off road f******* badass hardcore down and dirty carnage racing. pure is totally different. it looks iight but its totally different. yes their both arcade games but... their both going for something different.

superflyguy3818d ago

Motorstorm is in the same field of offroad racing. This is more comparable to MX vs ATV though.

Motorstorm 2 will probably blow this game off the shelfs sales wise.

Martini3818d ago

This looks like FUN ! lot's of big air - count me in :)