How to download and play Onigiri, Xbox One's first MMORPG

First there was the free Chaos;Child demo, and now the Xbox One even has an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in Japan: Onigiri! The release of Onigiri is exciting because the game is free and not region locked. Anybody can download and start questing with friends, provided they don't mind a little legwork and a lot of Japanese text. We're here to help with a full guide to downloading and getting started in Onigiri, complete with video!

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Mikefizzled1345d ago

Its odd. Currently free to play with the paid currency not yet implemented. Its basically empty at all times though. Level 37 and I've probably seen 30 people

4Sh0w1345d ago

Uhm these lesser known games don't sell well on either either way it's free to play so why are we talking sales??? Btw acting as if fps and other well known games are most popular only among the xbox fanbase is inaccurate= the same top games like COD, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, GTA etc that have high sales on X1 are the best selling games on ps consoles also. If Gears and Halo were on ps consoles they'd be among the best selling games too.

WeAreLegion1345d ago

Awesome! I'm going to download it tonight.

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