Foxnews: 'Grid' Rules Among New Driving Games

With gasoline prices at $4 a gallon and rising, the leisurely Sunday drive is turning back into a luxury. But there is an alternative: The automotive video game. And the only fuel you need is the electricity that powers your TV and your game console.

This year has already delivered a smorgasbord of racing games, including the hyperrealistic "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue," the frenetic "Burnout Paradise" and the lighthearted "Mario Kart Wii." And of course there's "Grand Theft Auto IV," with driving segments that are far superior to those in the series' previous chapters.

For about a decade, Sony's "Gran Turismo" has been the standard by which other car games are judged. It has had some close competition - "Forza Motorsport," "Project Gotham Racing," "Midnight Club" ut there's a new contender that could finally take the checkered flag away from "GT."

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PoSTedUP3815d ago

fox news is a joke on a rope. but grid is pretty awesome for an arcade racer. just not my kind of game.

GiantEnemyCrab3815d ago

Yeah, definately better than GT and Forza. It's a different style of racer but no doubt I enjoyed it more than either of those 2.

Superfragilistic3815d ago

Yeah Forza has a special place in my heart for its deep simulation, but GRID is just fun. Pick up and play fun.

It's easily the best racer (arcade or sim) this year and I actually think 3.5/5 is too low a score.