GTA IV 'great, but no miracle' says Wall Street Journal (Review)

Critics have hailed 'Grand Theft Auto IV' as equal to great movies and books. But here's what it's missing.

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spandexxking3581d ago

MGS4>GTA4 i sold gta4 after i got to the second island. just felt like it was the same game i played a few years ago!

crimsonfox3581d ago

well. this is a little late eh?

TheWickedOne3581d ago

Alittle, but the Review is one of the best I've read. Granted I think the score is a bit low.

Luca Blight3581d ago

This made me lol. When they say "critics", do they mean 6th graders?

Jim Crowslaw3581d ago

im not tryna sound like a fanboy, but i truly believe GTAIV couldve been the true gem it was supposed to be if it was exclusive to just the PS3 and all its powerful bliss