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Will Firmware 2.4 Make Super Stardust HD a Top Seller?

If you haven't picked up Super Stardust HD yet, it's a one heck of a good shooter. It flew under the radar and is one of the better PSN games out there. Sony announced that Super Stardust HD will be the first game to receive Trophy support, literally within hours of the firmware v2.4 release. With gamers clamoring to be the first to get their Trophies, will sales of the game spike this week? (PS3, Super Stardust HD)

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princejb134  +   2559d ago
you bet
i know ama buy this game 2nite
just to get it ready for 2morrow
taz8080  +   2559d ago
I think you and many others my friend. Super Stardust gonna be an overnight success. Great move by Sony.
chasegamez  +   2559d ago
this game is off the hook
drunkpandas  +   2559d ago
Yeah this is a great game to begin with. A lot of people missed out on it, especially those who just got PS3's. Definitely worth the purchase.
Drekken  +   2559d ago
I have the game, but I will be buying the addon tomorrow!
drunkpandas  +   2559d ago
No buying needed... it's a free update to the game to add trophy support. All you have to do is fire up the game and download the update and you're golden.
Pornlord  +   2559d ago

I think he was referring to the HD addon that is on the PSN now. At least, that's what I think he meant, maybe.
PSTAVY  +   2559d ago
I had already planned on buying it but once they showed the video with trophies for it yesterday I bought it.
Seraphim  +   2559d ago
it's a solid game once you get into it. At first I thought it sucked but a few months later I decided to check it out again, and really got into it. Now it's easily my favorite PSN title. I can't wait for the trophies to be implemented so I can play it again. It's about time to sit down w/ an arcade title so this gives me fuel to actually do it...

As for the topic at hand. I think having trophies will certainly help sell the game to those who haven't bought it yet. Not that they should have to have a reason to buy this great arcade game but it'll certainly persuade some to. ;)
LJWooly  +   2559d ago
I would recommend this game to anyone who hasn't played it yet, it really is a fantastic game, and my personal favourite PSN game.
Gish  +   2559d ago
Gotta love the Euro version of spelling favorite :)
OgTheClever  +   2559d ago
Gotta love the US version of spelling favourite. :)
taz8080  +   2559d ago
I am curious as to how long we begin to see the first Trophy Whores popping up? lol
drunkpandas  +   2559d ago
My guess is minutes after the firmware is released when they keep checking for the Super Stardust HD update. Haha
Chubear  +   2559d ago
Well when you consider the flood of ex-360 fans that the PS3 gets jumpin off and playing beyond every couple of months, I'd say there will be ALOT of new PS3 gamers from the 360 side that will certainly eat this up like candy cause it's even better than what they initially had.
AznSniper  +   2559d ago
I'm considering purchasing it as well. But I'm waiting for the PSN cards to come because credit cards won't work for me.
drunkpandas  +   2559d ago
They're slowly leaking out into stores. I'm surprised Sony hasn't gotten them out there full force into Walmart, Best Buy, etc.
taz8080  +   2559d ago
The mythical PSN cards that are like unicorns to find.
Nitrowolf2  +   2559d ago
there on Ebay but im not paying $60 bucks for a $20 dollar card
i hope i find them at the retailers near me
uckitsayitchbay  +   2559d ago
You don't need a credit card to put money in the ps wallet all you need it paypal and the paypal plugin/toolbar..it is what i use for wallet. it generates a one time or multiple use mastercard number and exp date and the money just comes out of your paypal account which is tied to my regular SAVINGS account(sorry but a friend tried to tell me you needed checking for paypal grrr he was so sure he was right to) so just generate a multi use card write down the number and exp date and use that in account management on the ps3..
Hapimeses  +   2559d ago
Well, I have it and I recommend it. Great game. It rocks. I will have SSHD Trophies soon.

fiercescuba  +   2559d ago
How fast until someone gets the Platinum trophy? 5-6 hrs tops?
drunkpandas  +   2559d ago
No platinum trophy in this one. Small scale games can't get a platinum, only large scale (ie. disc-based or big download games like Warhawk, GT5:P, etc)
fiercescuba  +   2559d ago
I hope they are more prepared than MS was. Expect some server crash FTL
drunkpandas  +   2559d ago
Yeah the servers will most definitely get hammered. I bet the maintenance last week was to prepare for that. We'll see tomorrow morning.
Mc187  +   2559d ago
this is a great game and it deserves it's own platinum trophy!
Obama  +   2559d ago
I have the game. ;) By the way, is there any online coop mode in this game; I heard you need to download it again to have this mode but I am not sure.
BlaST_ProCesSiNG-  +   2559d ago
No online co-op yet
There was a rumor that came out a few months ago saying that online co-op was going to be implemented in a future patch (around update 2.40). The rumor hasn't been debunked yet so...
Obama  +   2559d ago
ic thanks
skynidas  +   2559d ago
Someone can game share this game with me????
Milky  +   2559d ago
I need a bit more persuasion than that ($$$)

Clinton514  +   2559d ago
What is this?
It went under the radar? With who? My understanding was that it was amongst the top PSN game sellers. Don't write articles based on what think you know, write them based on factual info:

Will trophies add more to sales? Who knows? :|
Megaton  +   2559d ago
Yeah, this game is usually the first to be recommended to PSN newbies. This one and PixelJunk Monsters. Most of my friends already own it, and the add-on pack. I bought it a couple months ago myself.
meepmoopmeep  +   2559d ago
this game should be a top seller it really rocks!
drdre74  +   2559d ago
I'll have to dust mine off. I never really got that far into it so now that I have stuff to unlock it should be cool.
__Lawyer__  +   2559d ago
Firmware 2.4 will undoubtedly make the blockbuster psn game Super Star Dust Hd
a top seller for the playstation online community service. With its unlockable trophys that were once just a number on "other" systems have now been seemlessly transformed into a genre defining RPG.

Voiceofreason  +   2559d ago
Of course it will be a top seller, That's why Sony is limiting them to only a couple of games.As soon as you get done with those trophies they'll add them to another poor selling game and the flock will move to the new pasture. They know this. Nobody knows sheep like the shepherd.
name  +   2559d ago
I bought Super stardust a while ago, like 2-3 months ago and I still play it today, it's extremely addictive you guys are gonna love it. I'll definetly be playing it on The 2nd of july though. Gotta level up =D You should also consider pixeljunk monsters and flow.
Blink_44  +   2559d ago
Haha i was actually going to by this just for the trophies, but today i downloaded the demo and it is so much fun!
Ngai  +   2559d ago
Got it like a year ago or something like that.
Maybe ill get some more playtime in it when the trophies hit up.
And yea! It's a really nice game, enjoyed alot of time with it.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2559d ago
The best PSN title evar!!!! Can't wait to get some trophies
ChefDejon  +   2559d ago
this game is bomb
funny thing is it already had in game music
Old Snake  +   2559d ago
I re-downloaded it just to see about the trophies. I had bought it before, but wasn't that much into it, so I deleted it.
ICUP  +   2559d ago
SONY need to pump out those PSN cards ASAP!!!!!

i don't have a credit card. :(

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uckitsayitchbay  +   2559d ago
read my above reply i think it 2.5
vickers500  +   2559d ago
name  +   2559d ago
Get a visa debit card from the currency exchange.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2559d ago
SSDHD was a badass game already! I've owned it since the first day it was out, and its easily my most played PSN title.
Chubear  +   2559d ago
Er no
I'm certainly not going to be playing games I don't like or have little interest in just to get a trophy count. That's just way too nerdy for me.
sephy 9 2 5  +   2559d ago
Well the top downloadable game
is MKII I think, so I guess we'll see a boost over that.
whoelse  +   2559d ago
Almost certainly a move done on purpose by Sony.
Pesico  +   2559d ago
I bought this game a few days ago for the trophies and also the addon. Can't wait to start the trophyhunt. Been waiting for this since 23rd of march 2007:p
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2559d ago
i actually enjoyed the demo so im considering to buy this game but not right away... maybe later this month
ape007  +   2559d ago
stardust+trophies=ultimate old school fun
ape007  +   2559d ago
guy's I have this game
and it's awesome,awesome game

recommend you to buy it
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