Thieves steal a Make-A-Wish recipient's PS3

14-year-old Zak Touilii has only one great passion left in his life, the PS3 and the games given to him by the Make-A-Wish foundation. Last week, thieves broke into Zak's Wollongong residence in Australia and took away his only respite from his terminal illness. Zak has duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is a degenerative disease characterized by the speed at which it hits its victims.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Zak asks the only question he can right now.

'Why did they have to do that?'

Zak's mother, who also lost jewelry and appliances in the robbery, relates the moment in which her son found out his priceless was object gone.

'He came flying out the front door and was just hysterical saying, 'Mum, they took my PlayStation.''

Yesterday, the Make-a-Wish Foundation lambasted the thievery and the extra amount of wretchedness required to do an already terrible thing to such an unlucky boy. No word was given if the Foundation was going to try to replace the system and games.

This is obviously a terrible act, and makes me question the sanctity of the human race. All I can hope for is that the authorities can catch the degenerates that did this and set this tragic event straight, for Zak's sake. We may think of videogames as entertainment, but for Zak it was a release from an otherwise depressing life."

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jay23819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Thats just.......... hottible!
Edit sorry horrible

Orange3819d ago

if the thievery had been done in hot pants or bikinis, maybe it was hottible.

joydestroy3819d ago

totally messed up. if there's any foundation i could help out, it would be the make-a-wish one.

Organic_Chemistry3819d ago

Could, Should, Would but do you ?

IdleLeeSiuLung3819d ago

Although I think thief's should be punished, I don't think this is directed towards this kid. Let's face it, millions of theives work every day, some of these theives will eventually steal from a disabled/sick kid eventually.

These stories always make it sound like it is targeted and intended in a malicious way. Theives steal to make buck, it's that simple!

vickers5003819d ago

I don't think the thieves knew. If they did, they probably would've skipped the ps3/games and went for the jewelry. Oh well, still no excuse for stealing.

Yipee Bog3819d ago

I don't know if this was directed to the kid, which i doubt, but there is no reason for stealing. These people will now smoke 2 turds in hell for this one. Stealing and from a disabled child on top of that.

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Rims3819d ago

So they can contact Sony Australia to send the kid a new one.

DarthTigra 3819d ago

Its a very sad world we live in.

f4t41_ph4nt0m3819d ago

I can't find myself to laugh. No hard feelings toward you tho cause it was funny :D

Organic_Chemistry3819d ago

You think you're funny? It's terrible that this happened and you try to make a joke by saying Bill Gates stole it? How immature and inconsiderate do you have to be, if that kid read this forum would he laugh? There's a little thing called empathy, look into it. Thank goodness for the report option

mavent3819d ago

Chill out OC...he just said it for the lulz

do you spend all day on the internet getting outraged by the insensitive comments people make?

The gaming GOD3819d ago

I feel very bad for that child. Children registered in the Make a Wish foundation are EXTREMELY under privileged. So this kid might not ever get a game system again. Just the thought of that breaks my heart.

And I'm pretty angry because some bastards would steal from a child that has almost nothing like this. Every time I see or hear about this kind of stuff it makes me want to find the thieves and beat their skulls in.

iHEARTboobs3819d ago

Makes you want to be like the Boondock Saints.

Howlie3819d ago

I'm with you boobs, lets sign up with the Saints.

SlyGuy3819d ago

Mortal Kombat on their azzes

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