Videogames Rot Your Brain

A new medical study on shows a potential link between violent games and aggressive behavior.

The study, authored by Indiana University School of Medicine's Dr. Vincent Matthews, examined 44 youths between the ages of 13-17, none of whom had a history of emotional problems. Half the group played Medal of Honor: Frontline while the other half played Need for Speed: Underground. Using an MRI to track changes in brain activity, the study found that those who played violent games showed increased activity in the areas of emotional arousal and decreased activity in the areas of control and focus.

"What we showed is there is an increase in emotional arousal. The fight or flight response is activated after playing a violent videogame," Mathews said.

The children, who were apparently not appalled at playing old games, were then asked to complete tasks requiring concentration. Those who played Need for Speed showed an easier time completing the tasks.

Results of the study were presented at a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, but do not provide conclusive proof that videogames directly lead to violent behavior.

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dutchmole4400d ago

Waow, a whole whopping total of 44 for the survey! How can you consider that a legitimate number for such a survey.....

Asylumchild4400d ago

Ok I want to see a test like somebody playing viva pinata and gears of war not some EA games

MicroGamer4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

of 44 violent video game playing inmates and all of them responded by saying that their violent tendencies were caused by playing video games.
I don't know about the rest of you, but that proves it for me. NOT!!!

This has about as much credibility as the scenario I just mentioned. They've been saying this about video games since the first ones started popping up in arcades back in the 70's and nobody has come up with conclusive proof yet, or video games would have been banned long ago.

Marriot VP4400d ago

to all that who are against


TheMART4400d ago



Survey my ass. Every researcher knows that any survey that is able to draw some conclusions from starts with at least 200 questionaries. Not 44. Moronic researches like this make stories up

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The story is too old to be commented.