Sony follows the lonely path

The new PS3 commercial shows a handful of games set to what sounds like a clip from a Gladiator or Braveheart type movie. A warrior with a middle ages accent (ye olde accent) rallies his comrades before a glorious battle. To Sony this console business is a battle, and a bloody $3 billion one so far.

Only declaring war openly and drawing lines in the sand is not what Sony needs to do now. The call for brotherhood in the commercial clearly creates an us-versus-them image but it is this exclusive mentality (remember, the PS3 is like a fine dining experience) that put Sony in third place this generation. Launching at $600 and offering the bleeding edge of movie playing capabilities did not make the PS3 a very accessible machine and these advertisements only reinforce the idea that if I am not hardcore, if I am not willing to join Sony is a vicious battle against its enemies, then the PS3 is not for me.

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chaosatom3817d ago

Why is Resistance or socom not in there?

I think they should include multiplatorm games too.

OR JUST A VIDEO OF MGS4 all the way would do them some good too.

JVIDICAN3817d ago

they have a MGS4 commercial it just plays extremely late

CaptainHowdy3817d ago

that speech is taken from Henry the V by an unknown author named Shakespeare

Genesis53817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

So it's us against them is it? Alright I'm ready, lets go. Charge!

Oh I don't care it's funny.

deeznuts3817d ago

CaptainHowdy, no it's not. It is from that gay character from the movie Tombstone!


N4Gisbiased3817d ago

Am I the only one who thought that this commercial actually topped Apple's ads for lamest ever?

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Spike473817d ago

think the people who watch the commercial are even aware of what the guy in the backround is talking about.

Not to mention even if they knew they would not get the Sony vs. others message unles they are fanboys.

So.........this article is pointless.

mesh13817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

i hope sony losses more money and cans the ps3 aits holding back games .p.s mgs4 is avrage with 10hours of cutscens we want gamep0lay not cutsceens in a stealth action game .
@no pouding ps3 has nothing else coming out this year that will be aaa LBP HAHA RIGHT ,RESSITANCE 2 ? GEARS OF WAR 2 WILL OVER SHODAW IT AND when reviewd it will be compared to gears as gears of war 2 will be in theri minds =) ok so ps3 has no games coming out thi syearthose ive mention willbe 8/10 games now 360 has fable 2,left for dead,infinte dicovery,last remanat,gears of war 2,left for dead,too human,these are games that are actually coming thi syear exc;lsuive to th 360 lets wait and see what microsfot got in the bag at e3

JackBauerIsHIGH3817d ago

mesh1, you are the resident negative nancy.

ThatCanadianGuy3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Since you have no bubble's left to reply with,explain in detail how the PS3 hardware is crap,in a personal message please?

and there's only 5-6 hours of cutscene's.and atleast 18-20 hours gameplay.

edit.Oh my god..PS3 no games?

Little big planet|
Resistance fall of man 2,wich will honestly best gears 2 in every single way

then in 2009

heavy rain
Both Final fantasy's
Valkryia chronicles
White Knight
The new Driver
Twisted metal
Uncharted 2
Motor storm:pacific rift
Konami project
Team ICO project
New Syphonfilter
Gran turismo HD

and many more.

aiphanes3817d ago

There will be more with Resistance 2 Killzone 2 and Socom Confrontation after E3.

Sony is still the best gamming company...they only thing left to buy on the Xbox 360 is Gears of War 2...

GiantEnemyCrab3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Hrm. Funny my list is a lot longer than just Gears of War 2.

Congratulations on the most ignorant comment I've read on N4G today.

EDIT: LOL @ the disagrees. This cess hole never changes.

Breakfast3817d ago

12 disagrees in 20 minutes.

Voice your opinion N4G!

NO_PUDding3817d ago

Well, I didn't disgaree, but I do disagree. I will rpess agree, just to be nice though.

Anyway, maybe you shoudl show us your list. Alan Wake, Fable 2 and the GTA DLC is all I can see from here on out.

Althoguh that thign Molyneux is makign that Superfragilistic told me about sounds awesome, I think it's still VERY conceptual.

littletad3817d ago

Anyways... there are far more games to look forward to than Gears 2.

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ToastyMcNibbles3817d ago

i really like this commercial...each time i see it it pumps me up...that speech is awesome and then the big close up of the ps3 at the end is sweet...if i didnt own a ps3 this commercial would very much make me want to buy one but i dont think anyone that sees this commercial is really gonna ponder about what it "might" mean or imply

Syko3817d ago

I have to admit I also like this commercial, and I absolutely hated the way Sony was handling the PS3 before and just after it's launch. Now I am a PS3/360/Wii Owner and the PS3 is closing the gap on my personal favorite of the 3...The 360. Can't wait for LBP.

ICUP3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Same here, i thought the commercials was epic and funny.

Edit: Thank meepmoopmeep, i almost forgot this is the Gamer Zone. :)

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PR0NE3817d ago

lol @ XAMP, nice word play, but the original one is XAMPP

meepmoopmeep3817d ago

no, ICUP is correct. it's XAMP®


ICUP3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Actually, i got the message from you (meepmoopmeep), i saw it in your past post so i copy & paste into my notepad. 8D

Bubble 4 u for the message. :)

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meepmoopmeep3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

np, this is a non-profit charitable organization i put together to help the 360 owners because i really care for their well being and want them to learn to control their anger and frustrations so they can become zen with the peaceful universe and admit that they truly want to snuggle the purple bunny.

we're doing this for them. trying to help the community as much as we can.

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David Hasselhoff3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Gives me goosebumps..almost as much as my music video does everytime I watch it.

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Drekken3817d ago

I like the new commercials.