Translated Dissidia: Final Fantasy Trailer

Nomura has recently stated that Dissidia: Final Fantasy is no ordinary action game, and in order to find out the story of this unique title Forever Fantasy decided to translate the trailer Square Enix has just recently released. Do note the random snippets make it tough to be 100% accurate.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy was announced in order to celebrate the Final Fantasy franchise 20th anniversary, and it is no surprise the story of the game will revolve around crystals, yet again. It seems as if the heroes that were chosen from each game (Squall, Zidane, etc.) are seeking out the crystals in order to learn the truth about the eternal battle between Chaos and Cosmos.

Note you've got to watch the trailer at YouTube in order for the video annotations to work.

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rCrysis3822d ago

man this is one more game into my PSP collection!

meepmoopmeep3822d ago

can't wait to get this game. looks awesome, hopefully they can nail the fighting mechanics.

Transporter473822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

just BADASS!!!!

kesvalk3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

i really don't understand, this type of game is meant to be a console game, have you ever seen a Smash bros on handhelds? a game this huge need to get a console version, sigh, after tetsuya nomura got into the final fantasy team square has gone bad, making the strangest games on the least expected platforms

on a side note, i am the only one that got worried on how the characters floated in the fights? is almost like kingdom hearts engine too, but more... floaty...

dunno, i think it will get bad somewhere in the way...

ISA_Scum3822d ago

Looks cool, as an FF fiend, you know I'm picking it up for my PSP.