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Gamer Herald Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

By Shaun Inguanzo

"While the first three games were classics within their own right, Metal Gear Solid 4 will be remembered as the flagship production of the series, truly heralding a new generation of gaming."

Most films aren't edited this well, and they don't have the challenge of user-input to contend with. It's a real credit to Hideo Kojima, the brains behind the series, and the production.

We'll be back with a review of Metal Gear Online, but because the single player game is so substantial, Metal Gear Solid 4 is entitled to this special treatment.

Never, at any stage during the game, does one feel bored. Just as the game enters a slower pace of stealth, it rewards players with an action-packed level of wartime destruction.

A contender for Game of the Year. (Industry, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

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PirateThom  +   2588d ago
Another day, another 10/10, the meta score still at 9.6.

95 after 60 reviews on metacritic though.
Angelitos  +   2588d ago
Poor Xbots
Poor Xbots

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