Video Gaming Legend Steve Wiebe Fights to Reclaim 'King of Kong' Crown at Twiistup 4

IGN: "Twiistup, Southern California's signature event connecting professionals from the worlds of technology, media and entertainment, announces beloved gamer Steve Wiebe is attending this summer's event as he hopes to dominate the Donkey Kong video game at the Twiistup 4 arcade.

In 2007, Wiebe's quest to take the world high score from then Donkey Kong champion Billy Mitchell was documented in the film 'The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters'. This time, Wiebe will compete for the highest score of record at the Twiistup 4 arcade, giving attendees the chance to put their video game skills to the test as well as learn more about the ups and downs of Wiebe's world record holder mission."

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clinker3793d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I hope he beats that idiot Billy Mitchell and his pack of loser douchebags.

Cat3792d ago

Go, Steve Wiebe!! I hope he puts Billy Mitchell's score to shame.

(If you haven't seen King of Kong, go check it out)