Playstation Trophies Can Be Retroactive

Looking at the reply to a message a game developer from Burnout: Paradise. He states the trophies are retroactive. However, it seems possible this is only for the online aspect of the game.

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HoangLow3821d ago

it keeps getting better

callahan093821d ago

Yeah, I would imagine that a lot of online-based trophies would have to be retroactive. Like Warhawk. They should all be retroactive for that game.

Yoma3821d ago

* Your Burnout Paradise save game has always been locked to your PSN id - so there’s never been any chance of trading save games - your progress is your progress (we have a way of thinking ahead for this kind of stuff!)

* The Save Game Analyser works with a special export file that is exported when you do a manual save from the game, not your encrypted save game file - so there’s no chance that anyone could hack that

thats the reason they do have it in Burnout

PSTAVY3821d ago

guess ill go buy this game later this week. First time ive seen an EA game get that much support

LiquifiedArt3821d ago

I put big time into this game. This is really reassuring. I've been itchin to play this again anyway. WOoooT.

Wakka_3821d ago

I want to play this game, but Yevon forbids the use of machina, ya? Hopefully he will allow us to use a PS3.

Trophies >>>>>>> achievements

Isaac3821d ago

X______________D HAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy crap too funny "Wakka"

Fishy Fingers3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

Link directly to the comment in question > (#39)

It sounds as though retroactive Trophies will be the developers call. It might me some extra work who knows, but the guys at CRITERION have it coming...

"* Trophies will be retroactive, so, if you’ve achieved something today, the day the update arrives (not Cagney, we want to emphasise) that will be reflected in your Trophies."

rbanke3821d ago

I would say rather than strictly a developer's call, it has to do with wether said game uses locked game saves or not. If they do, they may be allowed to retroactivly incorporate trophies.

outkast643821d ago

Im so happy! this should deffinaly happen with warhawk as well. hopefully COD4

Ri0tSquad3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

He also mentions that the Burnout Paradise gamesaves cannot be copied. Looks like they had this planned since day 1. It's impossible to copy a gamesave for this game because it's locked to your console like he said so no wonder why they're retroactive for this game.

I think it'll be the same with Warhawk. You can't copy a Warhawk gamesave therefore the trophies for that game will probably be retroactive as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.