The 12 deals of Christmas #6

PS Blog:
Hi everyone! We’re officially half way through our epic 12 Deals of Christmas and we’re about to pull another cracker from our stocking of goodies.

Check out the next set of offers coming your way today! Remember, all deals go live at 12.00pm (noon) GMT and end at 11.59am GMT 48 hours later.

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VenomUK1192d ago

I'm hoping there will be a very special deal for the last day!

Wh15ky1192d ago

This is the most enticing deal I've seen so far for PS4.

Probably in a minority here but as a new PS4 owner I would love to see some half price sales on some older games like Killzone Shadowfall and Infamous SS.

RosweeSon1192d ago

I'm sure it'll happen infamous is well worth a butchers as well if they do just playing it now in time for the DLC next month, but yeah I reckon Killzone, Knack and Infamous will land before chrimbo, they surely gotta be due for the Platinum Range soon ;)

Angeljuice1192d ago

I just wish I weren't so skint right now, some of these deals have been amazing. Would get this one for sure.

paul-p19881192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Last year I bought a new game every other day, this year I have bought none... I was tempted by The Last of Us but didn't pick it up. The rest haven't been that great, and I find it a little annoying that the deals for a few of them have been an identical game for both the PS4 and PS3 so not even that much of a selection...

Hopefully the last deal is the best :)

SharnOfTheDEAD1192d ago

Highly reccomend Alien. Certainly worth a purchase!

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