Sony PlayStation 4 China sales to begin January 11

This marks PlayStation's official entry into China, the world's third-largest gaming market, after Beijing lifted a 14-year ban on foreign gaming consoles earlier this year. Microsoft Corp launched its Xbox in China in September.

China may be a tough market to crack with strict censorship blocking many popular games. Gaming consoles were banned until January this year, meaning PC and mobile games dominate the Chinese market, where gaming revenues hit $14 billion last year.

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Abash1343d ago

China is an emerging economy, this has potential for a lot of PS4 sales in the region as the economy grows

Jaqen_Hghar1343d ago

If every other market so far this gen is any indication. They won't need luck lol

MazzingerZ1342d ago

China is the world's largest economy actually

medman1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Dat Street Fighter V announcement sure won't hurt Sony in China, that's for sure. If there were any fence sitters in China about which console to buy(unlikely) that surely would push them Sony's way. Street Fighter couldn't get banned in China, could it?

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PS4isKing_821343d ago

Can't wait to see how much it sells there now. 2015 going to be huge for ps4!

caseh1343d ago

Can't wait to see how long it takes for a dodgy Chinese knockoff to appear called the Chaystation 4. 2015 could be huge for the Chaystation!

Septic1343d ago

LOL. Chaystation. Brilliant. Preorder confirmed

GarrusVakarian1343d ago

PS4 - CY 2,899 (£299)

X1 - CY 3,699 (£380)

jackanderson19851343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

incoming X1 drop to £280 equivilant in the Yuan

PR statement will be something like;

"as we move into 2015, MS is committed to providing the best value to it's customers, as such effective 1 January, we've reduced the price of the X1 by 1000 Yuan and bundled in XXX game"

Kribwalker1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

They have approved 200,000 units a year, so I'd say 200,000 units.

although China is a massive population and a huge potential market, average salaries are extremely low, at $4755, so the market gets severely limited which is why MS and Sony are very conservative with their shipments

Dark_Ruler_Hades1342d ago

Yeah and then they'll overwork their staff and employees over there, paying them next to nothing to work erroneous hours all to scrape by while big time CEO's will dilly around in their newly acquired, undeserved, beds of cash.

I fucking love being human me....

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xKugo1343d ago

Interested in seeing if the PlayStation brands stunts growing interest in the Xbox One in China. Asian market is incredibly prejudiced towards self-made(Asian) products.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

They buy American cars, cars, and smartphones. What they won't buy is anything they don't think is worth the price and it has nothing to do with prejudice.

stuna11343d ago

That is such a misconception! China's Asian market didn't have a war with the goods being sold! That market is open to many countries including Japan. Even if only to use outside products and goods to manufacturer their own version of them.

Inception1343d ago

That's like saying all chinese / asian people didn't like pizza, hotdogs, or hamburger just because it's not from asia.

styferion1343d ago

that sure explains why Apple, McDonalds, etc have huge sales on Asian market. People buy whatever they think is worth the most, that applies everywhere including Asia just so you know.
Travel abroad sometimes would you, and see the world for yourself instead from immensely biased internet and tv.

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hkgamer1343d ago

we probably dont know how well it would do in china. My guess is that anything close to xbone is pretty amazing and the (gaming)world needs to start seeing china as a big market.

im just wondering how much hard work is it for a developer to put a game out in china.

Eonjay1343d ago

Sony is hosting a developer conference tomorrow in Shanghai to get Chinese developers connected to support. And is holding panels all day for developers to find out what they will need. Shouldn't be too hard with x86 core. They have a thriving PC developer base and the PC ports much easier to PS4 than previous generations of consoles.

Angeljuice1343d ago

Does anybody know whether they actually have any creativity in their game development, or do they simply copy and clone like they do with everything else?

hkgamer1342d ago

i was wondering more on the side of a developer outside china wanting to release a game inside china.

will that be hard?

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