Microsoft now allows you to buy Xbox games with Bitcoin

You can now add funds to your Microsoft account using Bitcoin, but only if you live in the US

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matt1391312d ago

That's so stupid. They're basically advocating the use of a currency that is made almost solely through internet crimes and the black market.

mixelon1312d ago

couldnt the same be said about any currency? There are legit Bitcoin users too.

I thought the overwhelming majority was made in giant Chinese(?) mining factory/server farms now.

Hydrolex1312d ago

Matt you're stupid for not realizing that anything can be used for good and bad... ANYTHING, even the internet

XtraTrstrL1312d ago

It started mainly as a black market currency, but it has evolved.

See here -

dillhole1312d ago

As opposed to currency that is generated out of thin air by crooked banks?

kayoss1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Bitcoin was but now it is not made solely through internet crimes and the black market. A lot of the time bitcoins are acquired by mining. Of course it takes lots of time and computer power to mine bitcoins and probably not worth it.

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coolbeans1312d ago

Very interesting. Those curious about what bitcoins are can watch the embedded vid in article, or there are several other youtube vids that talk about it.

Can't wait 'til Dogecoins become another acceptable means of purchasing Xbox stuff. :)

XtraTrstrL1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


MilkMan1312d ago

This is basically the dumbest sh!t ive read in about 3 months.

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uth111312d ago

Do people still care about bitcoin?