EarthBound at 30 | It's Dark In Here, And We May Die (Part XIII)

Despite keeping an upbeat tone throughout, AUTOMATON's Graham Arthur finds himself trapped in a rather dismal location. Will he be able to rally and keep his spirits up? I mean, we already know he will, but let's build some suspense!

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Dubaman1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I was really surprised by Earthbound. I am not much of an RPG fan, no matter how much i would like to be able to get into them but they just don't click with me for some reason. This game on the other hand, i bought on a whim to see what all the hub-bub was about and finished in literally 3 sittings. The first was about 16 hours long and i loved every second of it. The characters, the world, the gameplay and the story were all beyond my expectations and loaded with that old charm you don't really see in modern video games.
For anyone who is on the fence about it and don't think RPG's are their cup of tea, i encourage you to give it a shot.
I really hope that the Mother Trilogy remake outted by Amazon and Game Informer is really happening. I would love to play the entire series especially if it's rolled into one package.