Can you forgive Assassin's Creed: Unity its sins now it's slipped to £18.20 on Xbox One?

Dealspwn: "I found Assassin's Creed: Unity to be a thoroughly disappointing game. It wasn't just the bugs, this supposed generational leap felt both uninspired and overstuffed, riddled with Ubisoft's corporate meddling, bloated with numerous in-game currencies, ill-fitting mechanics, and the ever-present stench of Uplay.

Still, for under £20 one might find it far easier to overlook such problems and have a lot of murderous fun in Revolutionary Paris."

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lfc_4eva1262d ago

Don't know about forgiving assassins creed.

I bought Aliens - Colonial Marines a few days ago for 99 pence. Now I don't think I can forgive myself.

KiwiViper851261d ago

It might have been broken on release but it's fine now. A few bugs here and there, but even if it crashes, when you reload the game your still where you left off, even if your in the middle of a mission. I've played worse.