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"Fan of Tomb Raider games where you actually raid tombs rather than perform shotgun facelifts on the population of Sweden? Then Temple of Osiris is for you. Don't let the isometric angle put you off: LaCro and the ToO's (as it will never be referred to again) presentation belies its ability to deliver the purest Lara Croft adventure in years.

Whereas Tomb Raider (the reboot) drew flack – and not a few fans – for its graphic depiction of ultra-violent survivalism, Osiris eschews the Bayhem and tiresome narrative pretensions for an experience more in line with classic adventure gaming. The setup is as basic as they come: Lara, along with fellow artefact hunter Carter, accidentally get sucked into the underworld after waking the Egyptian god Set. While there, the two team up with Horus and Isis to recover the scattered pieces of Egyptian god Osiris' body so they can resurrect him, defeat Set, and go home."

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