Halo 5: Guardians is a 'Tailor-Made Experience For Esports'

The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta will include a spectator mode, which allows eSports enthusiasts to broadcast and commentate on live matches. eSports is important to 343 Industries -- so it’s integrating eSports features right into Halo 5: Guardians.

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Tedakin1136d ago

I've loved the footage I've seen. Just make sure the online, ya know, works.;)

MCTJim1136d ago

I cant wait to play the Beta!!

Blues Cowboy1136d ago

I'm actually a bit worried about that. I play multiplayer shooters to enjoy them, and Halo has expanded into a big crazy physics-driven vehicular fun factory over the years. I'd hate to see things getting pulled right back into small team arenas, as much as I loved that in H2.

strangeaeon1136d ago

My skills are not what they used to be, and sadly I can only enjoy getting my ass stomped for so long before I give up. I really feel like I am a full step behind most other players anymore.For these reasons I do not enjoy the insanely competitive arena style maps.

Allsystemgamer1136d ago

I'm worried its going to become a BR fest. I mean regular slayer you should not start with a long range weapon. It ruined halo 3 for me because you don't need anything but the br. It got really tiresome.

Septic1136d ago

I get where you're coming from but what you've just typed out will be considered sacrilege by many Halo players :P

Elit3Nick1136d ago

The BR in halo 3 was pretty broken, but in Halo 5 the automatic weapons have been balanced to beat the long range guns at close range.

spicelicka1135d ago

I think the beta test is just for the small team area portion of the game. They only wanna test the core gameplay, I'm sure the actual game will have various modes and playlists with different layouts. Big team battle is hopefully gonna be insane, but they wouldn't need to include that in the beta.

Once they've tested the core competitive gameplay, they can apply and alter to other game modes accordingly.

matt1391136d ago

Who even cares about esports? Just ensure the game is playable and not broken :)

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