EA Servers Down With DDoS Attack, Hacker Group Lizard Squad Takes Responsibility

Notorious hacker group Lizard Squad have struk again and this time around they have targeted Electronic Art servers. Just a few minutes ago, Lizard Squad made the announcement of taking down EA servers offline with DDoS attack via Twitter.

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JMaine5181263d ago

Here they go again. 😪

elsuperamigo1263d ago

Damn kids are good i give them that, downing mayor companys servers and still not been caught? Is a surprise

RowdyNeil1263d ago

You do know these types of things are hard to trace anyhow, right?

Magicite1263d ago

I wonder how long they will last.

BigBosss1263d ago

Fuxk me dead man these punks need a beating and a fuxkin life!

pompombrum1263d ago

Seriously, how have these guys not been caught yet? All the attacks on gaming services aside, they managed to get a flight grounded which alone would have attracted attention from some of the top law enforcement agencies. While their methods are usually frowned upon, these guys have to be pretty damn smart to have avoided getting caught this long.

Jdoki1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I get the feeling a lot of kids will be unwrapping their XB1's and PS4's this Xmas holiday, excitedly plugging them in and finding online gaming unavailable...

Seems the frequency of these DDoS attacks is increasing in the lead up to the holidays, and Lizard Squad have no agenda other than trolling for their own amusement.

Along with GamerGate, broken games, delayed games, mediocre over-hyped games, lack of AAA titles, and DDoS attacks - 2014 has been a pretty crappy year for gaming.

MasterCornholio1263d ago

Does the Xbox One still need a patch to function?

Jdoki1263d ago

I had that exact same thought. I don't know about the latest units. I got my XB1 about 5-6 months back, and it needed the patch

Day 1 patches plus DDoS of certain servers could be a disaster.

SniperControl1263d ago

Got mine about 2 months, it needed to download a patch as soon as i turned it on, not sure about it working without a patch though.

Sucks if it does, hate for a kid to wake up on Christmas day and not be able to play there X1 or PS4.

Bennibop1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

X1 does need a patch to function and its a big download and would be a nightmare to download on xmas day without this going on. Ps4 can be played straight out of the box.

MasterCornholio1263d ago


Thanks for answering my question. I guess this problem will be worse for Microsoft than Sony since the PS4 doesn't need a patch to get it working.

Anyways I think its terrible that these people are doing this. I just want them to leave all networks alone. Why dont they take inspiration in Sly Cooper?

What I mean by that is that they should hurt and steal from Criminals instead of innocent consumers.

IVanSpinal1263d ago

I remeber this, "you can download the Day 1 update on"

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Sniperwithacause1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

That sucks! Good thing I'm not playing any EA titles right at the moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.