Op-Ed: Grand Theft Auto V removed from retailer due to guilt and slander

Sexual violence is an ugly aspect of our society that needs to be taken seriously by the public. Slandering one of the greatest cultural works than strong arming retailers with guilt isn't one way to bring better awareness. Unfortunately an opportunist chose that path to push her own political agenda.

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stanr1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

This is not about Gamergate or issues related to women in gaming, this is petty slander that is like the crap Jack Thompson pulled. Nicole is no hero, she is just another Al Sharpton seeking attention at the expense of victims of sexual assault. People like her need to be called out for the frauds they are.

SolidStoner1342d ago

We should put all those good people in one bag and send them into space, from all bad humans and things they see in real world.. let them survive alone there without any of this hate or anger.. because you know the real world is kinda like real world, blaming random things in this world will not help you to get rid of it!

Jyndal1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

I'm gonna go play GTA V and give this some serious thought.

Edit: This Nicole chic is a treacherous bitch.

sungam3d1342d ago

What I do not get is why all the complaining now?
They are over a year late.

Oh last gen is was fine, but this new gen you can rape and kill in HD!

Pathetic idiots.

MasterCornholio1342d ago

It must be the first person mode.


But seriously its still the same game even with the new mode.