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"The Crew’s massive, sprawling map that spans the entire United States, is one of the most interesting technical achievements I’ve experienced in gaming in the last few years.

While The Crew’s U.S. isn’t created to scale, driving from New York to Las Vegas can still take as long as an hour. Take this in for a second and try to compare The Crew’s humongous map to what was featured in racing games in the early 2000s.

It’s amazing to drive across the U.S., traveling The Crew’s intricate network of countryside roads and navigating through its approximately 15 major cities. Despite the fact that a large portions of the work to produce the world has been procedurally generated, it still feels hand-crafted and every city, from Miami to Las Vegas, is convincing and recognizable."

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SirDjss1349d ago

Actually, if the visuals were better then they are i couldent play the game on multi monitors. And that works just fine with everything almost at its highest settings. So no, i am glad it dont look better then it does for once ;)

tlougotg1349d ago

Game looks so last gen its unbelievable. Pppl say they dont care about visuals but i bet they will when they see this turd in motion.

TheMeatPuppet0071349d ago

Yeah...I think I'll stick to playing FH2 and pass on this one.