Halo Masterchief Collection 1.12 update

As we posted earlier, 343 keeps tweaking and patch Halo : MCC to fix the Matchmaking issues that have arisen since it's launch in November.

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ninsigma1228d ago

Fair enough the game needs to be updated but the amount of them for this is getting really annoying. Every time i want to play it there's an update. And last time I started playing when the update was half way done and when it finished it completely closed down the game and when i went back on i was right back to where I had started from!

Septic1228d ago

This one is a server side patch

lemoncake1228d ago

Just leave your machine on standby so it can download when you are sleeping.

ninsigma1228d ago

I don't like leaving the consoles on standby because they're in cupboard thing so I'd rather not leave them working away if I'm not using it. It's a good idea though for the future if I know that there is an update coming.

Tempest3171228d ago

@ninsigma the x1 only uses something like 40w in standby, and generates minimal doesnt just work 100% of the time, if an update comes through it will install, and then go back to doing nothing. If youre willing to let your machine run in a cupboard, you shouldnt have any problems letting it sleep in a cupboard

mhunterjr1228d ago

If you don't want the updates, you must not care if MP is fixed. Sounds like you should just play halo while disconnected from the Internet. Then you won't be asked to update

shloobmm31228d ago

Yesterday I was finally able to play uninterrupted the way the game is meant to be played. Played multiple rounds with none of the issues that has been plaguing the game since its launch. Better late than never. My time with it was fun tho and I'm glad 343 seems to have figured it out just in time for the Halo 5 beta.

isa_scout1228d ago

Glad to see they're bringing back The SWAT playlist. That and Big Team Battle are my o favorite game types. Sadly, I've yet to actually find a match of BTB but everything else is running a lot better than it was at launch. Hopefully this means they're finally getting the problem under control and the a Halo 5 beta runs smoothly.... Well as smoothly as a beta normally does.

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Ctiboi20101228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

I wish they would bring back 2v2 so my buddy and I can play together with more strategy.

Halo:MCC worked great for me last night, I only had an issue once and had to restart the game.

I'm happy they are fixing these problems now but I just hope these developers start taking note and stop releasing broken games while expecting us to keep investing in them. Gaming is an expensive hobby so I want my games to work as they should from the beginning lol

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