Xanxillium - a new generation of video game with strong ai

The next generation of gaming innovations that will finally bring your gaming experience to the next level with Xanxillium.

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dooge1345d ago

I'd hate to crap on someones hard work, but this does not look great.

donwel1345d ago

I foresee Stallios inc. changing their name to Cyberdyne Systems in the near future.

Kitsunami1345d ago

Wary of anything that uses google images on its 'official' pictures.

sjaakiejj1345d ago

I think the plot of the game is a little flawed, given that we can already create diamonds in a laboratory lol.

Honestly though, anyone hosting their own videos and tries to earn money through Kickstarter already shows that they are unqualified to produce a low-cost video game. And a 20.000 budget for a game with supposedly "next-gen AI"? Yeah, not going to happen.

wheeler011345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Lot of work needs doing on this as well. Her actual eye folds when she blinks, sounds way too robotic (yeah I know its early stages but still)!

If they pull it off it would be something special, but not gonna hold my breath just yet!

Also sounds like the bloke has a crush on Mayca!!!!

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