Rumor: Suikoden VI heading to PSP

According to a new rumor from GameFront, Konami is working on a new Suikoden and its heading to the PSP. The respective title appeared on a Japanese retailer's system but the entry has been deleted. It may be announced this week.

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Condoleezza Rice3737d ago

It wouldn't make sense to not have it on a Playstation platform.

alster233737d ago

i hope its fake. i want it on ps3.

Palodios3737d ago

I don't know, I feel like its been too long in the making for it to just go onto the psp. Unless the Suikoden developers were working on something else after V?

ExcelKnight3737d ago

According to SARS (Suikoden fansite) the staff for Suikoden hasn't be re-affected to any other positions and no new Konami games have had their names in the credits as of late.

They could be having this game come out as a gaiden and the next numbered game is coming to a current-gen console.

The gaming GOD3737d ago

I'm sure A suikoden game will be on psp. But the major bulk of the series will be on the ps3. That's just my opinion.

Obama3737d ago

if that ever happens, I guess I will get myself a psp. Suikoden is my favorite jrpg franchise, even better than ff imo.

dexterwang3737d ago

One of the main reason I got psp was to play suikoden I and II on the PSP. Both are epic and great games, can't wait to try suikoden 4 if it comes out.

hay3736d ago

You mean Suikoden 6?

Freakwave0033737d ago

I actually want a Suikoden for PS3, but I guess it's fine for PSP. (As long as it's not for Wii, DS or 360, it's fine.)

Obama3737d ago

I agree, the only platforms that it should deserve to be on are the ps3 and psp. I wish it will be on the ps3 though since it just feels more natural playing jrpg on a non-handheld console.

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The story is too old to be commented.