Playism to Release Batch of Japanese Indie Titles on Vita and PS4

Playism announced that they will be bringing a handful of JP titles to PSN starting this month.

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ValKilmer1343d ago

First the PS Vita becomes home to handheld niche Japanese games and now the PS4 is? Sony, you have my heart.

gerol1342d ago

PlayStation is on fire! #ICANT

Idree1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Haha, Playism, i work there :P

What a coincidence, didn't think we were big enough to get on N4G xD

Check out for awesome Japanese Indie games!

Inception1342d ago

Can you reccomend me some titles? I want to check it one by one by myself but there's a lot of them.

Revengeance1342d ago

Great! More titles that come the better!