The Crew review: road to ruin - Polygon

"The Crew is very nearly the driving game I've always wanted — if it weren't for the fact that it is also one of the most openly hostile video games I've ever played.

As a celebration of the Great American Road Trip, The Crew offers something wonderful and memorable. Its open world, a compressed but awe-inspiringly ambitious version of the United States, is unlike anything I've ever seen in a game. Exploring its every nook and cranny, and racing across its wildly varying biomes is a hugely rewarding, and oddly zen-like activity. I'd safely count one coast-to-coast drive I took among one of my favorite gaming moments of the year."

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4Sh0w1315d ago

Damm sounds like while the actual world you drive in is very ambitious the AI really kills the driving experience.

MultiConsoleGamer1315d ago

So sad. Such an ambitious concept.

Gore-Content1315d ago

No women drivers = dog poo (according to that website)

Dark-Funeral1314d ago

Ubi is dying :)

the only game worth buying was child of light this year