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"The Crew tries to be a driving game with something for everyone. You can team up with a group of friends for an epic road trip filled with fast-paced illegal activities, and seamlessly explore a massive map of the U.S., from the tip of Maine, all the way down to Miami, over to Los Angeles and back again, passing through other iconic cities along the way. Though it's true that all of this is possible, the experience isn't all that it's made out to be. The Crew tries to do a lot, and while it technically delivers the features it promises, it frequently stumbles over itself. There are brief moments of joy within, but just when you start to think the game's turned a corner, a bump in the road sends your joyride careening off course. When the best thing a racing game has going for it is the variety of environments it has to offer, you know something's amiss."

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Perjoss1314d ago

Glad this is getting the scores it deserves. Just feel sorry for the people that insist on preordering games before reading a single review.

uth111314d ago

The game is getting lots of 8's too.
Like most racers, it divides people.

I'm enjoying it, it delivers about what I expected.

Neixus1314d ago

Then you must have reaaaally low expectations.

Tedakin1314d ago

Well now we know why those reviews were delayed.

Viryu1314d ago

After playing the first beta (or was it alpha?) after E3, I totally called it, yet few people believed me. The game looked bad, nothing near the wannabe standards of the current gen. But the biggest crime were the horrible controls of the cars, just, ewww.

Grave1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

So glad I waited. After pre-ordering Watch Dogs ... never again Ubisoft, never again.

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The story is too old to be commented.