Disgaea 5 Character Video Introduces New Protagonist

Disgaea 5 has a new character video introducing the main protagonist of the game. Players will take control of Killia the Dragonewt in this instalment.

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Snookies121318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Please sell well... Man, I couldn't stand the thought of losing Nippon Ichi...

I fully expect it to sell well, I'm just worried about the state the company is in right now. It would be sad to see them go, considering they commit and give fans the games they want even if they know it won't make them much money. I kind of want them to make this a full priced game if it means improving their revenue.

Either way, definitely pre-ordering this when I get my PS4 in. Have to show some support!

Inception1318d ago

You should read this

It's a mistranslation and NIS in a good shape. The Witch bring some nice profit for the company. Small project like Hotaru no Nikki also selling well and received a nice response from the fans.

I expect Disgaea 5 will meet and maybe above their expectation.

Heyxyz1318d ago

The Disgaea fanbase may be as niche as they come, but they do support the game! The Disgaea fanbase won't allow this to sell poorly!

3-4-51317d ago

D4 for Vita is awesome so far.

I don't have a PS4, so I'd have to wait for a Vita release, which isn't going to happen unless this game sells well.

antikbaka1318d ago

main protagonist reminds me of Valvatores (Disgaea 4) too much. Like they were too lazy to change his appearance.

Noami1317d ago

i always buy 2 one to keep sealed one to play i love store LE whenthey do then

mamotte1317d ago

I feel this main character too... serious for a Disgaea game .-.