Assassin's Creed: Rogue Review | GameCloud Australia

Bernadette Russell at GameCloud Australia writes: "I finished Rogue, locked my fingers behind my head and just watched the credits roll. These days no one watches credits (ain’t nobody got time for that!), but for the first time in too long I needed a second to acclimatise back into the real world. That’s what AC games used to do: convince you there was a battle so epic and ancient that it had to be hidden in the shadows as it decided the fate of the world. Rogue had its hiccups, but, unlike its release partner, I don’t feel the need to go foetal and eat my body weight in Pringles while I lose hope in the series. I hate to think the only reason Ubisoft’s resources weren’t pooled into one impressive game was for the potential profit from two titles, but I hope this is the last time it happens. Rogue grants Ubisoft my forgiveness, for now, but only because I want to spend more time in the game to drown out the memory of Unity. Here’s to the brotherhood-breaking, cabbage-farming, hand-me-down-wearing Shay and his rescue of Ubisoft for 2014."

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