Dying Light Won't Get A Demo Nor A Shady Review Embargo; More Details

"Dying Light isn’t that far from releasing, in fact it’s just over a months time until Techland’s horror game shuffles onto PS4, Xbox One and PC.

One of the team over at Techland recently took some time out to answer the questions of prospective customers, some of which seem to show Techland has some confidence in their upcoming survival horror adventure." The Games Cabin

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realplayer821171d ago

This game is looking/sounding better each article I read about it. I like the no embargo policy they doing. Its sad that we (gamers) have to even worry about it nowadays.

angelsx1171d ago

I'm so disappointed. After all promises for 60fps on ps4 now is going to be 30fps.What happen?

BigBosss1171d ago

Game is still running great though despite not being 60fps. Cant wait to pick it up and play 4 players with my buds

Bodge1171d ago

People expect way too fucking much from these machines with low end tablet CPU's that are years old.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1171d ago

Agreed. 60fps is great, but not if it sacrifices the overall quality of the game. As long as the game can maintain framerates above 30fps and it's stable, who cares if it's 60fps or not?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1171d ago

Can't wait to play this game. I've had it on pre-order since March.