NIS CEO: Disgaea 5 Won’t Bankrupt Us

Hardcore Gamer: Turns out this is another case of Sohei Niikawa misspeaking.

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maniacmayhem1260d ago

That is very good to hear. Love these games.

Massacred1260d ago

Just breathed a huge sigh of relief

3-4-51260d ago

Does this give us a better chance of D5 on Vita ?

ValKilmer1260d ago

Wow, Japanese humor is a strange beast.

jjonez181260d ago

Glad to hear they are doing ok.
Looking forward to Disgaea 5.

tiffac0081260d ago

Awesome! :D

The humor was lost in translation xD

Inception1260d ago

Already think it's a mistranslation. Sohei Nikawa always threw some jokes when he got interviewed. The fault here is the media who can't catch his jokes.

Disgaea itself is NIS main franchise. The series always meet and even sell above NIS expectation. Every game also have good response from Disgaea / NIS fans. Heck, even non Disgaea from NIS like The Witch and Hundred Knight only sell 150k but it bring profit to the company. That's why i can't believe if Disgaea 5 didn't meet their expectation means NIS will closed their doors. I expect Disgaea 5 selling more than 200k-300k worldwide.

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