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Incredibly lifelike character models. Completely retooled, much more true-to-life combat and stamina systems. Smooth, realistic animations. 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. No doubt about it, 2K’s WWE 2K15 feels like a next-gen wrestling game – most of the time. The impressive presentation goes a long way towards making the game feel fresh, but the main issue here is consistency. While WWE 2K15′s eerily accurate face scans and polished, exciting gameplay are welcome improvements, cut features, a pared-down roster, and numerous glitches bring the experience down a bit.

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NerdStalker1170d ago

This game is hardly worth 8/10, they might have changed from THQ to EA, but EA obviously have hired the same lazy developers who sit around the office all day and drink coffee an biscuits. They haven't upgraded a darn thing, they actually took away customization options from the game which was the fun part. The game is as slow and glitch as ever, the game mechanics have not been built from the ground up as they said it would, the reversal system is horrible. The season mode is a joke, seriously other than graphics what have they done in a whole year? After all the ps4 is easier to develop for than the ps3 and i'm sure the Xbox One is much the same.

optimus1170d ago

Ea didn't make this game. But you are right in the hiring of the same developers. 2k games hired them and visual concepts oversaw the production and would throw in their ideas of what to include...Personally, i don't think it's that bad really. I do agree with the reversal system which is not very intuitive and the scroll bar for pins can be tricky to pointless at times but for the most part it's a solid game. Not an 8 but more like a 7 for me.

3-4-51169d ago

WWE12 was a really fun game least for me..

How does this compare ?

Did they remove ALL the create options for finishers and arenas ?

MetalArcade1166d ago

I liked all of them since 2011 which is when I started playing again. 2K15 is really fun to me, but a lot of creation stuff was removed.

NerdStalker1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )


ZeekQuattro1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I haven't bought a wrestling game since Raw Vs Smackdown 06. The games really haven't advance all that much it seems. Kinda sad actually.