Nintendo of America shares updated amiibo statement – some sold-out figures may return later

Nintendo of America has just sent out an updated statement regarding the amiibo stock situation.

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stragomccloud1320d ago

I think that a user here may have correctly predicted that Nintendo may be giving these things the "Disney Vault" treatment.

MultiConsoleGamer1320d ago

Nintendo is just trying to manipulate the after market to increase demand and pre-orders for future waves. It's a tactic frequently used by toy makers. Nothing drives up sales like fear of scarcity and a robust after market.

RosweeSon1320d ago

That or what with it being Christmas and some people actually liking nintendo stocks may have been low and they actually sold out? Just a thought but Nintendo don't need to pull stunts like that their products sell just fine on their own. They had a worldwide release and 4 weeks before Christmas, what with scalpers it doesn't take a genius to work out they've just sold out, The original wii was sold out for nearly a year after launch in the U.K stocks were drip fed back into stores and this will be the case here as unfortunately they have proved massively successful and once that happens people try and jump on board the buying and reselling bandwagon.

GordonKnight1320d ago

They need to get a real job like the rest of us.

n1kki61320d ago

Nintendo is so out of touch with the market. You could just tell from the presentation of Zelda at the VGA's they are acting like we haven't seen an open world game until zelda. I can't wait for zelda, that said, all these limited runs do is placate to resellers on ebay and take stock out of the hands of true fans. Toys r us for example had a 5 item limit for lucario. I held off a couple days, logged back in and it was sold out. Now this will become a $50 item day one on ebay. Why would nintendo want to play into the hands of scalpers?

MilkMan1320d ago

Way to take a Christmas away from child Nintendo. I cant even buy little mac for my son cause its sold out. I was hoping for another one to appear at some point. Now I got to wait around an/or purchase this stupid thing for 100000000000000000 dollars?!

Got F yourselves. Ill get Yoshi or whatever instead. Just know you ruined my boys Christmas cause you wanted to "increase demand and sell out"