The Complete List of Nintendo’s Rarest amiibo

Tynan Muddle at writes: "We’re on the cusp of the second wave of Nintendo’s popular amiibo figures which hit Australian shores on Friday December 12. But there are probably three amiibo that collectors have having trouble picking up."

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swice1348d ago

Copy and paste your statement into the Google search bar.

Press enter.

Print out the directions that lead you away from your giant rock.

jriquelme_paraguay1348d ago

i think an explanation from people of the gamer comunuty is easier. thanks for nothing.
is a real question.

swice1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

As you can see, you have no replies, except for my salty ones. So no, it's not easier.

You would have a much better time finding VIDEOS that explain what you're looking for.

Seriously. These amiibos have been a huge thing in the gaming community for a very long time now. You're probably going to piss more people off than anything by asking what it is, instead of getting a much better explanation on the web.

Here, I'll even type it up for you.
The big deal with them right now is Smash Bros on Wii U.
Is that better?

N4g_null1348d ago

They are nfc toys similar to skylander and disney infinity yet they have some interaction with all games rather than one. 3rd parties can even use these to enhance their games with each character. Each toy has its own character tied to it but their are extra functions tied to these toys. The first game to fully use these functions is smash bro. For example you can teach each toy how to play smash. Then take it to a friend's house to fight or if you have 8 of these toys you can fight them in 8 player smash.

They are selling out pretty fast also. There is a mod community for them also. Apparently they come on waves every month. There is no stand to buy because the nfc reader is in the game pad.

swice1348d ago

Well shave my head and call me Sally. There IS a helpful soul here

PygmelionHunter1348d ago


An unknown concept to you, it seems.

You didn't have to be a total jerk to jriquelme, you know? He was merely asking a question, like he said, to the gaming community. And he's got the right to do so, buddy.

Maybe you could've spent your time writing an useful reply to the fella instead of dissing him in such a way.

Also, if by "pissing people off" you mean the automated fanboy turrets in here. Who cares about those morons? They don't bring anything useful into discussion on this site. So please don't speak for every gamer here next time

N4g_null1348d ago

No problem. Pm me any time.

swice1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Sorry Paraguay, you were in my crossfire. It happens. Uncalled for.

Hunter, I will never ever speak for the entire gaming "community" here, if that's what you'd like to call it.

I'm sorry. I think I've been on this site too much lately, and the arrogant self-entitled pricks have gotten to me.

I know there are more real gamers here than not.

N4g_null1347d ago

Hey they get to us all. No worries. It's better to go to the source then here. Neo gaf has infiltrated and kotaku is on its way out. Something tells me these are actually employees in 5 he industry lol. The sales fights are too big.

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swice1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Care to elborate on this empty statement? Or are you going to continue to be lazy and spout whatever trash comes out of your mouth without any backup?

Speak carefully though, as you only have 2 bubbles to work with

nintendontt1347d ago

sure just copy paste trash and put it in google search bar.