GTA V vehicle mods bugged on next-gen, no additional online heist details available at this time

After several fans reported that they were experiencing issues with modifying a vehicle on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 editions of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games acknowledged that a bug was known to be currently affecting several players who have modified vehicle tuning. The developer revealed that they are aware of the issue within GTA V and are currently investigating it in order to find a solution.

The bug is forcing cars that have been upgraded with turbo tuning to actually go slower than those with unmodified tuning. Since the point of paying for turbo tuning in GTA V is to make any given car faster, many users are frustrated that the issue is causing the mod to have the opposite effect.

The issue only seems to be affecting the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of GTA V at this time so gamers on last-gen consoles don’t need to worry about the bug.

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Wizard_King1193d ago

Don't you guys get it? they took your money... twice... and your not getting any heists... ever... so stop asking!

Yi-Long1193d ago

It's it's it's.... Grand Theft Video Game!

WitWolfy1193d ago

exactly, they've been promising these "heists" since 2013 when the game first launched... If they havent released it by now, then they dont plan on doing it now... or EVER.

sungam3d1193d ago

Heists. A gateway drug.

Stapleface1193d ago

LOL Did people actually believe them this time when they said "Soon" for the heists? It's been soon since they opened up GTA Online after launch. Which was a terrible mess itself for the first week or so. I'll wait for the pc version. Already beat the story on 360. At least the mods will make it worth buying again rather than buying the same exact thing again to be lied to about. Someone will make their own heists like mod if Rockstar doesn't feel like getting off their chairs made out of money stacks from a lot of gamers double dipping just for a graphics setting increase and more people in races. Gamers these days- Graphics don't matter Developers these days- Let's release one of our old games with a little bit better textures.. Gamers these days- Yes! Better Graphics! Let me drop another $60 on the same exact thing!