Nintendo: No Amiibos Have Been Discontinued, Right Now as of December 10th

"After the recent kerfuffle about the allegedly cancelled amiibo production, a Nintendo customer service representative has denied a cancellation, stating:" - Ian Weber

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Starbucks_Fan1232d ago

Ummm I've heard from Nintendo the opposite as well. Now I'm confused.

diepdiep1232d ago

Those reports were lies. Nintendo never said they were discontinuing any amiibos.

eyeofcore1232d ago

No you didn't...

Only a rumor you heard...

GamingSinceThe80s1232d ago

Now,what about the Wii U gamecube Smash Bros adapter?

wonderfulmonkeyman1232d ago

There's a report that's supposedly from Gamestop stating that the Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and [I think] Marth Amiibos have been "discontinued by Nintendo", but this is directly at odds with it, so really, we don't know what to believe.
But with this, and David Young saying they aren't permanently discontinued, I'd say its best to assume that Nintendo is halting re-stocking of these figures to particular retailers, based on circumstances we aren't privy to, but are not entirely discontinuing them in all regions.
That is what seems to make the most sense.

higgins781232d ago

I'm as big a fan of Nintendo as the best, but this whole Amiibo 'pandemic' has me feeling embarrassed. I'm darting around, looking desperately for the rarest Amiibo's - and for what...more tat in my collection, more plastic 'entertainment' to distract me from what is real and important in life. No, I dont want to be some suburban homemaker either, but really, I/we need to get some perspective.