Stop Thinking Of No Man’s Sky As A Multiplayer Game

GameInformer- "We spoke with Hello Games' managing director Sean Murray for hours about his team’s difficult-to-grasp game. One subject that’s spurred confusion since No Man’s Sky was announced is the incorporation of multiplayer. Even though players can name their discoveries, affect the galaxy for others connected to the cloud, and encounter other player characters, friends planning to meet up and explore together might want to temper those ambitions.

To settle exactly what No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer is and isn’t, we've provided an excerpt from our conversation with Murray to nail this subject down once and for all."

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thorstein1166d ago

I can't believe the idiotic comments on GI! Lol. Someone is actually saying that they "haven't shown gameplay."

What is this thing we are using wherein one can find information at the press of a button. Certainly there couldn't possibly be a gameplay trailer or three out there!

DougLord1166d ago

Ohh GOD this is TERRIBLE! So we have this shallow but massive universe to explore, but we only do it to mine shit. No plot, everything it randomly generated! Sound HORRIBLE!

DanteVFenris6661166d ago

What really horrible is your inability to play it cause you obviously don't have a ps4. I feel bad for you man and understand your upset

FlameHawk1166d ago

Oh yeah, it must be terrible when you don't own a PS4.

lameguy1166d ago

Not sure if sarcastic or not. Some games like Minecraft do just fine in that realm (albeit with a $10-20 entry fee)

DigitalRaptor1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Awww no, baby boo.. The game won't hold your hand for you and guide you?

Poor little casual gamer. http://images.essentialtrav...

Get out of here with your DUDEBRO sensibilities. I thought you were a grown man.

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yarbie10001166d ago

More I hear about this game...the less excited I become :/

Eonjay1166d ago

You spend the whole day trolling PS4 so how can it be that you were ever excited for it :)

Antifan1166d ago

I was wondering why people were criticizing this game until you clearly pointed it out......they're Xbox Fanboyz. It all make sense now.

IVanSpinal1166d ago

Good point, but the game looks boring to me also

DragoonsScaleLegends1166d ago

Minecraft in Space but without the building option and better graphics. Still the game looks awesome and will be if it's better than the description I just wrote.

JEECE1166d ago

I hate how they say to play Destiny with my friends if I want a No Man's Sky type of experience with multiplayer. Destiny doesn't have real space flight or combat. Destiny also only has 4 planets, and those each only have 1 area. I know it's their opinion, but Destiny doesn't come close to what multiplayer in No Man's Sky *could* be.

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